Monday, September 19, 2011

Photographic Proof

In the interest of backing up all the things I've discussed here, I offer the following:

Dress:  The MIC uses heavy photography to justify spending as much as a year's mortgage on a dress, saying that since it's going to be iconic and there will be a gazillion pictures of it, it must be absolutely perfect.  Mine was $250, and unlike say, a mortgage payment, the dress is something I knew I was only going to use once.

Flowers:  The MIC waxes poetic about how you have to spend hours pouring over flower colors, types, and what sort of style they signify before settling on bouquets.  Not true!  Sam's Club has gorgeous wholesale flowers in pre-made packs that are absurdly wallet-friendly.

Theme:  There are plenty of people who have themed weddings, and ain't nothin' wrong with having a theme.  However, you don't have to if you don't want to or just plain can't think of one.  Ours was marriage.  Well, marriage and Borat.  A wedding sack was totally involved.

Cake:  You don't have to get a giant, expensive cake.  Nor do you have to worry about an insufficiently decorated cake table ruining your photos.

Costco cake: it's how we roll.

Not Shedding for the Wedding:  I don't care what they say about losing two dress sizes for your wedding.  It's ridiculous and unnecessary.

Note, if you will, my triceps, which are nothing like Michelle Obama's famously toned arms.
Husband: not running away.  Camera lens: not broken.


  1. And even if your triceps were hideous, although it would not stop a husband from running away, photographer could have photoshop-ed you thin. (Which I did not :) )

  2. What a gorgeous wedding! You did such a wonderful job showing that a beautiful day doesn't have to be a fortune.

  3. We had the same style shoes! Same style but different color. I went with the Blue Bell color. Which I did not care if it matched any other blue for the wedding. Reason I picked the shoes. Oh these are super cute and I could wear them again! Plus they were fun in pictures. You also do not need to spend a fortune on shoes for a wedding.